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Ok currently we host three regular rides...


Saturday Social Roadies. "Relaxed" road ride with an average in the high twenties and usually 500m or more of elevation gain. Usually just over 50kms length in two hours. Group moves along the flat at above 35km/hr. It's a "no drop" group, and although there will be some fast sprints the group will always regroup and wait  (till the last 5km when it's every man, dog or otherwise for themselves). Group departs at 8am from the shop every Saturday and we try to be at Blessed Cheese by 10am.


Wednesday Worlds. Starts and finishes at Home Grain Bakery in Aldinga. Faster "paceline" ride. 30km in under an hour. 500m elevation gain. 6:30am depart.


Thorsday MTB. Only ride that is subject to weather. Alternates, three to four hours of XC or two hours "all mountain / enduro". Ring or drop in for details. Intermediate to hard.


We have rules

1. No drop. Always wait for the slowest rider. You don't need to hold their hand. Just be there at the top of the hill or the next intersection at the minimum.

2. We leave within five minutes of the posted time. Arrive ten minutes early if you are driving to the start.

3. No drop doesn't include waiting for people with flat Di2 batteries.

4. "Fastest for lastest" on Cat 3 climbs. First to the top of a major climb swings around and comes back up with last rider on the hill.

5. Refer to "the Rules", and ignore any that kind of suck. Obey the ones that involve waving and not being a dick.

6. When someone yells "Car back!", please fall into single file. If you are at the back of the group, it is your job to watch for vehicles and communicate to the front of the group. We ride on quiet roads, there's no need for us to get in the way of other road users. 

7. Wave to other riders, horses, pedestrians, cats, dogs* and three toed sloths. 

8. Carry a spare tube that works with your wheelset.

9. Let the wookie win.

10. Suggest a good Rule 10.


*letting the rest of the group know about dogs and roos is always a good idea



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