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Ok so anyone who's been around here in the last seven days may have noticed the slight smell of sweat and Bert's aura of dehydration mixed with "wow I just really wrecked myself". The reason is simple, it's called BKOOL. 

The BKOOL itself looks pretty harmless...

....but it's an evil monster that dishes out pain and fun in almost equal doses. Otherwise known as a Virtual Reality Trainer, the BKOOL uses ANT+ protocols to communicate with your PC so while your riding along going nowhere, you can make believe you're battling it out on the slopes of a European mountain. Or, even better, you can feed it your own GPS files, and flog yourself silly on a local climb while getting to see real time power, heart-rate and cadence information.

Although I'm yet to give a human a realtime battle in "Multiplayer" mode (not enough Aussies onboard yet), I've been able to dish out the pain (and have the pain dished out to me) racing against other BKOOL users who have ridden the same courses previously. This version of racing gets an extra umphff added when using a Video Session as the moto recording the climb is often part of the a real race convoy and so far I've had both Chris Froome and Alberto Contador giove me the "look"...

To put how scarily accurate the BKOOL's resistance modelling is, my personal best on Old Willunga Hill (courthouse to crown) is 10:09, on the BKOOL putting in a all out effort I recorded a 10:47. We also found even without being able to see the Google Earth generated landscape that BKOOL uses for GPS segemnts, we could tell where on the road we were just by how hard it was.

I've also played with making my own interval training workouts, so far I've manged to come up with "Brutal and "More Brutal".

Bert in pain....

Summing up, at $550* the BKOOL is significantly cheaper than the other VR Trainers on the market, and it's clever use of GPX files and ANT+ makes it ridiculously easy to make it work with most other serious training tools. I've personallyy never been a indoor trainer person, historically I've been known to go for rides in storms rather than sit on a trainer, but I'm hooked on the BKOOL.

*A Gold subscription that give access to mulitplayer and video profiles needs to be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis after the the first two months.



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